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Adult Sleep Services

  • Work with me to help identify lifestyle factors that may be interfering with your ability to get a restful and restorative sleep.                                     

  • Together we will build an accessible and specific yoga practice aimed to help you fall asleep with greater ease and help you deal with the those middle of the night wake-ups.                                 

  •  There are specific breathing, yoga postures, and meditation techniques that can help calm you down before bed and set you up for a restorative night’s sleep.                                           

  • No previous experience with yoga or meditation required. We can work one-on-one with each other (in-person or virtually).                                    

  • I am an registered Occupational Therapist and experienced yoga instructor who has taken courses in Yoga for Better Sleep, Yoga Nidra (the yoga of sleep), and Yoga for Anxiety and Depression. 

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