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Passionate About Inspiring Others

As a mother of sweet and sassy identical twin daughters, I have first hand experience with sleep difficulties and sleep deprivation. I have lived through an intense and prolonged period exhaustion and deterioration of mental capabilities due to lack of sleep. I am acutely aware of the overwhelming impact of poor sleep and how it can wreak havoc on the family unit, disrupt marital harmony, and prevent parents from being the best they can be.  I am committed to helping the whole family get a good night’s rest. 


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary and a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Manitoba. I am licensed to practice within the province of Manitoba. Since 2007, I have worked as an OT with preschool aged children in various community based and private settings. I have a special interest in Sleep Health and Promotion and I work as an Occupation Therapist who can provide family centered sleep consultation, evaluation, follow-up, and coaching. I am a graduate of the Family Sleep Institute’s Child Sleep Consultant program. I have also taken additional coursework in the area of Yoga Nidra (the yoga of sleep) and Yoga for Better Sleep.


As an experienced yoga instructor and yoga practitioner, I am trained to help each family that I work with as an integrated whole. Lack of sleep not only affects the physical body, but it can creep into so many facets of life. Exhaustion depletes mental capabilities, spiritual harmony, and emotional well being. By choosing me to help you and your family, you are choosing someone who will look at the whole picture and offer you sound advice that makes sense for your unique situation. 

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