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Sleep is learned skill. Just like a new skill such as; walking and talking, it has to be practiced. Babies and young children need to be given the opportunity to learn the essential skill of sleeping.  

Sleep deprivation can cause a variety of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health issues including;

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Struggle to cope to with activities of daily life and occupational performance

  • Impaired memory and concentration

  • Weaker immune systems leading to more frequent illness

  • Strained relationships with loved ones and friends


baby napping

Most importantly, an exhausted parent cannot fulfill joyously fulfill their role as a parent. How much better could you do your job as a parent if you were well rested?


How do you know you need help? 

As a loving and nurturing parent, you have done your best to help your little one sleep, but you still struggle with 

  • Your baby’s frequent night wakings

  • Your baby waking shortly after being put down

  • Not being able to put your baby down at all without them crying 

  • An overtired baby who seems wired and unable to nap and if you are so lucky to get them to nap, they wake up shortly after falling asleep

  • Scheduling naps and knowing how to read your child’s sleepy signs accurately and in a timely manner

  • Knowing when and how to help your child get through the dreaded nap transitions (dropping naps)

  • Toddler battles at bedtime and throughout the night


Don’t worry; you have come to right place.

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